7 Surprising Items that Are Banned on Board

7 Surprising Items that Are Banned on Board

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. Older adults who are not used to flying often might want to know what items are not allowed in their hand baggage. In this post, we have highlighted some of the most surprising items that you are not allowed to pack in your hand baggage.

  1. Multiple cigarette lighters

While airline industry prohibits passengers from carrying objects in their hand baggage that might cause injury to the owner and other passengers, it is a strange thing that you are allowed to take a cigarette lighter on the plane. However, you are not allowed to take more than one lighter.

  1. Tent pegs

If you are a fun of camping, you will still want to travel to the destinations that offer best camping sites and options even at your old age. However, you should remember that tent pegs are prohibited and you cannot carry them in your hand luggage. Otherwise, they will be confiscated, and this will leave you stack and you might end up sleeping under the stars.

  1. Fishing rods

Would you wish to take a harpoon with you? Well, that’s your own business. However, if you are going on a whaling holiday, then you will have no choice but to go in the hold. This also applies to fishing rods. You are not allowed to carry fishing rods on board because you might be tempted to punish that annoying passenger in the seat in front of you by hooking them.

  1. Flares

Signal flares, including the ones you could have used rocked in the 70s when you were in your teens. All flares are banned and you can’t carry them on your hand luggage.

  1. Peroxide

From fire extinguishers to infected blood and tear gas, toxic substances and chemicals are a complete no on a plane. This also includes peroxide. So, if you hate your gray hair and you would want to bleach it, just do it before you leave for your trip.

  1. Faux explosives

This seems pretty obvious, but it is great to remind them even if they already know. When you are travelling on a plane, you are not allowed to carry faux explosives. Any form of explosive is often treated as a threat on a plane.

  1. Drills

Like many other seniors out there, you might also be a lover of DIY jobs, and you might want to carry home some great drills from your trip. Sadly, drills are banned on a plane.