Five Health Exams for Medicare

Staying healthy in this day and age can sometimes be overwhelming. We need to see our doctors for a yearly examination to determine if there are any potential problems that can be taken care of before they expand into something serious. Getting your yearly physical is best for all of us, especially if one has any family history of a serious ailment. This is covered by Medigap Plans. There are five tests that a physician will probably order for his patient.

Heart Exam: This is one test that is essential for one’s health to determine if there is an underlining problem with one’s heart that may not show any symptoms. Before a patient takes on any strenuous physical activity a doctor may want to take an EKG, ECG, Echo and Calcium scan and various other tests to see if there is any problem now or may come in the future.  Blood pressure: As you may realize, as soon as you go to a doctor they will take your blood pressure. It is one of the best ways to see if one has hypertension and can catch it right away. High blood pressure and low blood pressure can be addressed quickly and medicine can be administered to help with that problem.

Lipoprotein: We all have cholesterol in our bodies, but only a small amount is needed for good health. When there is an excess amount of cholesterol, it can collect in our arteries and narrow them, which can cause discomfort and a heart attack. High density Lipoprotein and Low density Lipoprotein are part of the Lipoprotein scan. Also looked at is one’s triglycerides, which is a fatty substance that can be harmful if it’s too high and can cause heart problems. Keeping these proteins in check will help reduce any heart problems that may affect the patient now and in the future.

Blood test: A blood test is another examination that is essential to determine the health of one’s body. The test will cover the count of the red and white platelets which can help with finding out a health problem one may have. A full blood count will help a physician to determine that the body’s functions are working properly. These blood tests can also see if a person has a thyroid condition that seems to plague a lot of people lately.  As you can see, these five tests are what a physician will need to determine the health of a patient to make knowledgeable decisions about one’s health.